Linens and Lace Tearoom World-Class Products

When I was a little girl my mom's friend came to visit from England. She brought with her a child's teaset. My sister and I played for hours with dress ups and tea parties! I have always enjoyed the art of taking tea as I grew up. My favorite era is the Victorian era. I have modeled my tearoom style as you would find during that period.  I decided on my 40th birthday to open a tearoom. Researched, planned and redecorated a store front with my sister. We opened our doors November 14, 2001.  We have maintained a quality of business for over 16 years. In 2012 decided to expand and open a coffee bar and specialty boutique! We are now able to offer wine as well. This business is a family affair which has brought us closer. Everyone helps with serving and sales, even my kids which are grown and have successful careers of their own, come to help on busy weekends. I continue my passion without my sister these days as she passed in 2015. My heart and soul is in this passion and I hope you come, enjoy and relax. Bring your friends or family to create a memory of your own.